the Dirtygloves project was born in 2013.

Nico Pezzato, snowboarder and founder, decided to concetrate in this project after a lot of years spent between slopes and the alps.

Borned in 1988 in Milan and grew up in a city of the upper Lombardia, at 18 years old he felt the need to move to the mountains , where everything began.

Not new to the mountain life, since he was 3 he lived the mountain almost the whole winter every year.

After seven years he began to snowboard seriously , got sponsors , a contest life , trips around europe and states ; he decided to stop and began to snowboard just for fun.

the need to put his creativity in this project came from the fact that he always liked how an accessories, like a mitten, can be
so indispensable for a snowboarder in some situations.

the way how all the accessories are created , from the graphics to the meaning and the technology, it always amazed him.

Creativity is at the base of everything in life and definitely is one of the most important ingredient of snowboarding.

The name Dirtygloves calls to the mind a right image.

This name stands for all the efforts you don’t see about snowboarding :

everything that goes behind the video production, doing a street spot
or to build a single jump in backcountry, millions of tries, frustration,
the long hours spent in the car to get to the mountains, the money, the odd jobs, the broken bones and last but not least

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all of this for snowboarding.

one of the best feelings of freedom and happiness in the whole world.

keep it true , always.